‘EYELAND’ Cult in Hawaii

De jongens van CULTCREW zijn met een groot gedeelte van het pro team wezen shredden in Hawaii, en hebben daar EYELAND van gemaakt. Dat staat natuurlijk gelijk aan een hoop zon, goede vibes en een zooitje sicke tricks.. Hieronder een paar woorden van de grote man achter Cult, Robbie Morales. Ohja, vergeet niet even door te scrollen naar beneden voor wat goeie lifestyle foto’s!

We assembled most of the crew for our trip to Hawaii. I had done a bunch of research and had always promised Duane and the boys from THE BIKE FACTORY we would make the trip over. The time had finally come. Plenty of planning went into this but with such a beautiful location, we pretty much went in open minded. We were looking to relax and enjoy every bit of the Island we could…

When we pulled up to the house we rented for our stay, we were immediately overwhelmed.. Backyard pool, plenty of rooms and across the street from one of the top 5 beach on earth. Paradise for the next 10 days! We would start each day with a swim in the ocean and hit the road to a park or street spot. The homie T-BAGS was our trusted sherpa and he came through numerous times with awesome spots, all while juggling work at The Bike Factory.

We had a bit of rain the first day so Hawk hit up the homie Logan who splits his time between the north shore and ATX. He let us know the Bonzai park on the North Shore was dry so we hauled ass up there. The session was so fun, everyone enjoying the weather and catching up. We also had to jump in the ocean across the street from the park and witnessed some dudes surfing pipeline, heavy shit for sure.. The parks are awesome in Oahu, we hit Bonzai, Keolou, Manana, Millilani, Aala and more throughout our stay.

We headed back to the crib and the homie Devon Hutchins cooked us an amazing. He repeated this process every night. Having the crib was a blessing. Eating and hanging together gave the trip a nice touch. Nun shit talking and joking around with the boys. Russ was under constant fire from Hawk, too funny. Trey and Russ camped in the backyard, AK had the back cottage, everyone else was strewn about the house.

THE BIKE FACTORY hooked up some ramps, music, food and we had a super fun jam riding with all the locals who shredded late into the night. These guys keep the scene alive and well. Plenty of talent on the Island. These guys are OG’s in every sense of the word. Dennis and Bigs even brought me an issue of GO magazine in perfect condition from 1991 that I had the cover shot of. So hyped to have these, blessed!

Farmers Market also threw a jam and things definitely got a little blurry that night… We made it back to the crib alive and finished up the trip strong. We basically rode right up until the day we bounced. 

We also checked the famous spot WALLOWS off our bucket list with the help of logan. We had a blast just carving around and enjoying this legendary spot, stoke was high..

Another huge metal friend is Mike BIG ISLAND Castillo, he runs HALE NUI TATTOOS and is an Island Legend. We made plans to all get tattoos and BIGS was down. He blasted 11 of us, we got the Island Eye that Adam L. Roye cooked up for us. Hawk and myself also put some ink on BIG ISLAND. Shit got a little crazy haha..

Downtown was a pretty heavy bust during the week so we stuck to parks and cutty week day spots. the footage is epic, the hikes to some of the spots were straight postcard like. The Island has so many hidden gems and is very humbling how beautiful it is. I am very thankful to witness this place with my closest friends!

Aloha Nui Loa, Mahalo, to everyone who treated us like family!

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